All at Once

Tima and Dan are loser friends from a small suburban town. Student days are over, they don’t feel like finding jobs, and they don’t have girlfriends. On the way to their dreams (to «make it») and in the hope of getting all at once (without trying too hard) the guys take on a task from a local criminal and go at it with the help of a local car mechanic Zhora, also a complete loser.

Serious money is at stake, and the key ingredient is to not screw up and to flawlessly stage a robbery of the dummy drug trafficker. But there’s a problem: the trafficker role is accidentally assigned to an honest army dischargee Vanya, who is unaware of the schemes and promises made before. Now in the whirlwind of car chases, fights and shootouts all four must make a real effort to solve the situation. And to get ALL AT ONCE!


criminal comedy


June 5, 2014

Running time: 

93 min.


Roman Karimov


Aleksandr Kotelevskiy, Andrey Novikov, Dmitry Nelidov


Roman Karimov, Roman Uglevatyy


Aleksandr Tananov


Stanislav Aleksandrov


Nikita Ost, Anton Shurtsov, Aleksandr Pal, Yuliya Khlynina, Artyom Kostyunev, Andrey Muravyov, Aleksandr Shalyapin, Andrey Galaktionov, Igor Tarasevich, Olga Vozovaya and others

Moscow International Film Festival, 2014

Russian Film Week in Berlin, 2014

Modern Native Film Festival “Moskovskaya premiera”, 2014

Youth Film Festival “Otrazhenie”, 2014

Dmitrov Modern Russian Film Festival, 2014