Girlfriend for Rent

Poor Mitya is properly screwed: he accidentally proposed to his girlfriend, and her father, it turns out, has been waiting for this moment – and has immediately set the date of the wedding. It’s all well and good, but Mitya… is already married! He returns to his hometown to arrange a divorce. But Vasilisa (or simply Vasya), who he stopped living with ages ago, is a cynic and a proper piece of work, and he will clearly have to fight for the divorce. The simplest way to speed things up is to present a «fiancée» to Vasya, even if simply the first girl he can find. Who knew, that the one he chose would have an actual fiancé, the local muscle man… The situation gets even more tangled when Mitya’s get involved in solving it – the henpecked husband Pasha and con artist Garik – get involved in solving it.




February 14, 2017

Running time: 

96 min.


Roman Karimov


Andrey Novikov, Aleksandr Kotelevskiy, Eduard Iloyan, Denis Zhalinskiy, Vitaliy Shlyappo, Aleksey Trotsyuk, Roman Karimov, Ruslan Tatarintsev


Roman Karimov, Yana Lebedeva


Aleksandr Tananov


Konstantin Chalykh, Roman Karimov


Efim Petrunin, Lyubov Aksyonova, Roman Kurtsyn, Sofya Rayzman, Vera Panfilova, Sergey Abroskin, David Petrosyan,

The Golden Unicorn Awards in London & Russian Film Week, 2017

Russian Film Week in Greece, 2017