Russian Psycho

What's in your heart?

The film is set in modern-day Russia, in Moscow. A young man – Svyatoslav Ivanov – is in love with a young girl Asya and decides to marry her. He is an artist and a designer, and Asya’s father is the manager of a large Russian bank. Svyatoslav decides to start his own business – to open a restaurant to give Asya the comfort she is used to. A number of obstacles stand in the young hero’s way, many of them life-threatening… He finds out that he has a mysterious ill-wisher, who wants to destroy his business and him personally. The young man tries measures of last resort, slowly unwinding the chain of the conspiracy… Only at the end of the story does Svyatoslav manage to find out who his enemy was…


comedy, thriller, drama


January 31, 2019

Running time: 

98 min.


Grigoriy Konstantinopolskiy


Andrey Novikov, Grigoriy Konstantinopolskiy


Grigoriy Konstantinopolskiy


Matvey Stavitsky


Ivan Makarevich Lyubov Aksyonova Yuliya Aug Viktoriya Isakova Timofey Tribuntsev Kseniya Rappoport Aleksandr Strizhenov Grigoriy Konstantinopolskiy Vitaliy Kishchenko Mikhail Yefremov

Sochi Open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr”, 2018 – Best Director