The Body Tree

Nobody leaves

A group of young friends travels to the Siberian countryside for a sacred ritual to honor their murdered Russian friend, Karina. The ceremony goes horribly wrong though when instead or releasing a good spirit to help Karina move on in the afterlife, an evil spirit manifests instead. The friends learn that the only explanation is that one of them is actually Karina’s murderer.

The evil spirit possesses one of the friends and turns him into sociopath who starts to hunt and kills the others. The only way to stop the demon is to kill Karina’s murderer but nobody knows who that is. The group is trapped in a lodge far from civilization with no way to get help or escape. All they have is each other.

As the night wears on, everyone becomes a suspect and loyalties among them are tested. The race is on to find Karina’s killer before the demon leaves nothing but an empty lodge and a trail of bodies.


thriller, drama, horror


August 16, 2018

Running time: 

97 min.


Thomas Dunn


Aleksandr Kotelevskiy, Andrey Novikov, Yan Fisher-Romanovsky, Thomas Dunn, Mikhail Kukushkin


Thomas Dunn, Mikhail Kukushkin


Colin Akoon


Navid Hejazi


Erica Dasher, Emma Dumont, Alex Sparrow, Kyle Jones, Ivanna Sakhno, Gene Farber, Costa Ronin, Sam Hamill, Mason D. Davis