The Factory

What are you ready for justice?

Mr. Kalugin, a local oligarch, has been kidnapped from his own car in broad daylight. Unknown people in masks demand a large ransom for him. The oligarch’s security head called Fog takes to paying the ransom. His heavily armed gunmen arrive at Kalugin’s factory where he is being held as a hostage.

Little do the tough guys know that the kidnappers who have barricaded themselves in the factory are local factory employees headed by a former Special Forces veteran nicknamed Grey. The employees have not been paid their wages for about a half a year and the forthcoming bankruptcy of the factory forced them to make the audacious move.

The tough guys must do everything they can to free their boss while the unfortunate workers, unlike them, have nothing to lose…


criminal, drama, thriller


February 7, 2019

Running time: 

109 min.


Yury Bukov


Yury Bukov, Sharl-Ervar Chehov, Eduard Iloyan, Ruslan Tatarintsev, Aleksander Kyshaev, Denis Zhalninskiy, Vitaly Shlyappo, Aleksey Trotsuk, Andery Novikov, Alexander Kotelevskiy


Yury Bukov


Vladimir Ushakov


Yury Bukov, Ivan Is'yanov, Anna Drubich


Denis Shvedov, Andrey Smolyakov, Vladislav Abashin, Ivan Yankovskiy, Aleksey Komashko, Alexander Buharov.


Les Arcs Film Festival (France), 2018

Toronto International Film Festival, 2018