The Gift

Tolya Sidorov is a simple worker approaching retirement in suburban Russia. He unexpectedly discovers that he has an artistic talent and becomes a sensation in the world of modern art. And it all happens, because all his «masterpieces» are created in a very intimate moment…

The word gets spread around the Internet, and the exhibition of urinal paintings is visited by experts from Moscow. Like in a Russian fairy tale, the hero suddenly finds himself having fame and money, but Tolya prefers to stay incognito, trying to figure out for himself whether what he does can be considered art. And his co-workers at the factory will certainly make fun of him if they find out.




May 9, 2019

Running time: 

90 min.


Mikhail Kukushkin


Aleksandr Kotelevskiy, Andrey Novikov, Mikhail Kukushkin


Mikhail Kukushkin, Sergey Zhmakin


Dmitriy Polyakov


Yuriy Oborotov, Alexey Kolubkov, Vladimir Karpuk, Valeriya Dergileva, Svetlana Gera, Viktoriya Pyatakina

Moscow International Film Festival, 2019

Russian Film Festival “Literatura and Kino”, 2019

Sochi Open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr”, 2018

International Human Rights Fim Festival“Stalker”, 2018

Moscow Youth Film Festival “Budem Fest”, 2018


Baltic Debuts Film Festival, 2018 – the 3d place “Full-length Feature film”

Karelian International Film For Youth Festival #KIFFYF, 2018 – Grand Prix