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A young man arrives at a fishing village on the shore of the White Sea. He is looking for a girl who left the city without saying goodbye.

One of the village’s elders volunteers to be the unexpected guest’s guide. The boy thinks the journey won’t take long, and there, behind the forest, his loved one is waiting for him. The old man thinks differently: this easy rider will not get his only granddaughter. And he takes the boy farther and farther away into the tundra. Their feet drown in mossy swamps, the way back is impossible to find. The old man, who is used to the wild, rigorously tests the city kid on the way, trying to teach him a lesson and make him a «real man».

They both think that what they do is for the greater good, but their beliefs get crashed by reality, like the waves of the White Sea when they hit the shore. 


romance, drama


September 1, 2017

Running time: 

75 min.


Aleksandra Strelyanaya


Aleksandr Kotelevskiy, Andrey Novikov


Aleksandra Strelyanaya


Aleksandr Laneev


Evgeniy Fyodorov


Yuriy Borisov, Mariya Borovicheva, Sergey Belyy, Nikita Kukushkin

Moscow International Film Festival, 2018

Warsaw International Film Festival, 2017

Ural Open Festival of Russian Cinema, 2017

Russian Film Festival of Cinema and Theatre “Amurskaya Osen’”, 2017

Arctic Countries International Film Festival “Arctic Open”, 2017

International Women's Film Festival “Eight Women”, 2018 – Grand Prix